Ad Hoc Transfer Module

The Ad Hoc Transfer module enables secure person-to-person file transfer using a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook. Users can now send files to anyone in the world with an email address – quickly, easily, and securely. The Ad Hoc module enables companies to proactively manage file transfer interactions, create and enforce policies and rules, and deliver complete visibility into all file transfer activities.

Operating Systems and Platforms
WS_FTP Server 7.5 now offers 64-bit support for Windows 2003: WS_FTP Server is a 32-bit application that can now be run on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system in both 32-bit (English and German) and 64-bit (English-only) modes.

Virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V
Support for virtual servers running on VMware ESX and now also Microsoft Hyper-V platforms. The benefits of running WS_FTP Server solutions in a virtualized environment include reduced hardware costs and increased manageability and portability.

Browser Support
Adding support for the latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari browsers for the WS_FTP Server web admin console, Web Transfer Module, and Ad Hoc Transfer Module.

WS_FTP Server can now be deployed in a failover configuration to achieve high availability for increased uptime and reliability. This is a perfect solution for organizations with SLAs or other critical business requirements that demand maximum uptime and reliability.

Multiple SSH Keys per Authenticated User
A single user may now authenticate with two, three, or more different SSH client keys. This allows interactive or automated processes that share a common username and sign-on from several different machines to enjoy the benefits of multi-factor authentication without the administrative hassle of key replication and coordination.